The Wonder of Wonder Woman


I have loved Wonder Woman since I was a little girl. Lynda Carter’s Diana Prince was awesome – she was strong, powerful, gorgeous, nice, funny – you get the idea. She was everything I wanted to be. And she had that cool invisible jet.

I admit I was furious when I heard they were remaking my favorite. How dare they. There’s no way anyone could outdo MY Wonder Woman.

Well, I’m here to admit it. The new Wonder Woman is awesome. Gal Gadot, who I expected to not like at all, does a great job. She plays the perfect mix of innocence plus bad ass. While she doesn’t try to be Lynda Carter, Gadot’s Diana is strong, powerful, gorgeous, nice, funny – sound familiar? She believes in love and in justice, and those are great messages in today’s world.

Her family and fellow Amazons are awesome, too. I especially liked her mom/Queen Hippolyta and her Aunt/General Antiope, played by Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, respectively. A photo from one of my favorite scenes is above – Antiope jumps into the air and fires three arrows consecutively, killing three Nazis. It’s a super cool moment.

One thing that really impressed me was that Dianna was not over sexualized in the movie. Yes, she’s gorgeous, and yes, she has on a fitted and short costume, but it covers. It covers more than most women are covered in movies today.  Frankly, it was less revealing than Lynda Carter’s. Kudos to Director Patty Jenkins for not going down that path.

Go see it. Take your daughters. And take your sons.


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