The Biggest Loser. Ever.


I can’t believe I did it again. I joined a Biggest Loser contest. I have done this at least four times before. Obviously, since I keep doing it, I never win.

The first question you may be asking is why? Well, I need to lose weight. And I know what I have to do – eat less and move more. But for some reason I can’t make myself do it in a consistent enough way to lose weight. There’s some sort of disconnect between my brain – which knows better, my hands – which keep putting unhealthy food in my mouth, and my butt – which keeps sitting in this chair. I need motivation, and I keep thinking money and group encouragement will hold the keys.

So, you are probably wondering, why now? Why try again? I’m a part of a group of mostly women, about 10,000 strong, on Facebook. We all read and are more than a little obsessed with theSkimm. (Side note: If you don’t know it, theSkimm is a free daily email that summarizes the news in a completely unbiased, fun way. You can check it out here: The group is a blast, and they are a wonderful support system. Anyway, someone in the group decided this would be a fun way for us to help each other lose weight, and the rest is history. More than 200 of us are in this competition.

OK, I can hear you sighing now… So what’s the problem? Well, we are a few days in and I still don’t have a plan. I’m in this with mostly younger women who are half my age (in some cases literally), and they are on it. These ladies have meal planned, prepped their food for the week, started logging all their fitness hours…

Wait! I get it! I need to stop panicking that I’m going to fail, pick myself up out of this chair, make a plan for me, and go for it! That’s the first step of this “get healthy” movement, isn’t it? I need to start, and stop giving up before I even try!

Thanks for the pep talk. Gotta run – I need to go log my food for the day…


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